mojo incorporation

The Incorporation needs you, to keep the Mojo working!

„not only the first track (find your way) gets me moving trough the kitchen… supergroovy record, with a voice soul truly requires.“ Max Gaier – 5/8erl in Ehr’n

„Mojo Incorporation loves the funk, makes use of the roots that have been blooming for a long time and draw their very own floral splendor from them. What immediately strikes you listening to ‚OhBoy!‘: Music is played properly here. The brass section set is thrilling you, the organ greets the blessed Dr. John, and Tamina Mayrwöger’s voice has strength and feeling. As American as the nine songs seem, Mojo Incorporation from Austria gives them a breath of fresh air. Above all, this should have a powerful impact live.“ Reini Gruber – OÖN


Mojo – the power of the Blues, the Message of Soul and the Sex of Funk- that’s the the „Big Thing“ for this Formation around the frontlady Tamina Mayrwöger.

Their mission is to bring people some of that mojo back – Sharing is Caring! The end-product should move some feet, push the feels and reach all minds. To make it a legal thing, they shorthandedly founded a company called – Mojo Incorporation.

All that happening with Black Music, rooted in the 60ies an d 70ies – they took it, absorbed it and are serving it hot and fresh on your plate.



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